Nearby Food safety Consulting

Benefits of Using a Local Food Safety Consultant

Companies enjoy several benefits when selecting a local food safety consultant to assist them in achieving a HACCP Plan or GFSI certification. Availability and cost savings are two prime examples. Familiarity with state requirements is another.

Local Consultant Benefits Fall to the Bottom Line

To begin, let us define “local” as an food safety consultant who offices reside within the same state as your facility. It would be nice if a qualified consultant was also located within your immediate community, but that is realistically not always possible.

Obviously, utilizing a local food safety consultant will reduce travel expenses which you, the client, are likely responsible for reimbursing. It is far less expensive to drive (or fly) to a location within a state rather than across the country, for example. Fewer overnight stays, which incur costs for lodging and meals, are necessary. It is simply a matter of convenience for both the consultant and the client.

Local Consultant Availability is Higher

Availability also plays a big role in food safety consulting assignments. Being able to quickly respond to communications or emergencies is important. Trying to reach a consultant in a different time zone can be taxing. And it is nice to know that if you really need to see your consultant on short notice, he/she can drive or take a short airline hop to your facility.

Consultant Familiarity with Local Regulations

Local food safety consultants are also more likely to understand the social and economic factors affecting your business. They are part of your state culture and are aware of the pressures on state organizations, as well as possible growth opportunities. You talk the same language and share common knowledge.

Consultant Reimbursement through Local State Programs

Also, many states or regions offer incentive programs to retain jobs. Typically, these address a portion or all of the training costs. Public funding programs may help to finance a consultant’s work, thereby upgrading your firm’s competitiveness.

For example, California offers public funding incentives in the form of the Employment Training Panel (ETP), which provides financial assistance to California businesses to support customized worker training to:

  • Attract and retain businesses that contribute to a healthy California economy;
  • Provide workers with secure jobs that pay good wages and have opportunities for advancement;
  • Assist employers to successfully compete in the global economy; and
  • Promote the benefits and ongoing investment of training among employers.

A California food safety consultant is obviously better positioned to assist local clients in exploring and acquiring ETP funding than a consultant from the mid-west or the east coast.

And then there are the benefits of supporting your local economy. Every dollar spent within your state helps to stabilize the local economy, create more jobs and enhance consumer spending power, all of which will likely benefit your business. “Support your local economy” is more than just a slogan.

Support your Local Economy

Sure, there are qualified food safety consultants nationwide. However, the benefits of selecting a local food safety consultant to assist your organization in achieving a HACCP Plan or GFSI certification should not be overlooked. It is just good business sense to use local resources whenever possible.

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