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Our Network of Affordable SQF Consultants in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean will Help You Achieve Certification.

SQF Edition 9 is a Perfect Solution for Food Producers, Manufacturers, Storage and Distribution, Processors, Packagers, and Retailers – Big or Small.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) emphasizes the application of HACCP for control of food quality hazards. SQF is a benchmark certification standard under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), whose governing principle is “Once Certified, Accepted Everywhere.”
SQF certification isn’t just for giant suppliers. SQF makes certification more attainable for smaller companies by providing the tools and resources they need to implement and maintain a successful food safety and quality program.

We can Put You in Touch with the Right Consultant to Help Your Business Achieve SQF Certification

We listen to your concerns and will arrange for one of our local SQF consultants who best fits your needs to contact you. They will help you implement an SQF food safety management system that fits your business. With our expertise and seasoned experience, you can rest assured it will satisfy the highly acclaimed SQF standards and open a worldwide market for your products and services.

Let an SQF Expert Guide You

Our affordable SQF experts have broad knowledge about food safety regulations and how they are enforced.  A consultant will help you design an effective SQF system and train your people to use it. They will also be there to assist with certification and re-certification audits.

SQF Opens a Worldwide Market

A GFSI certification, such as SQF, is now a requirement for most domestic and foreign operations. It is the “entry ticket” to expanding your business.

Key Benefits of our Service

We help you clarify your food safety certification needs and provide an overview of the time and investment to achieve compliance. We can also put you in contact with a local SQF consultant who will expedite your preparation of SQF certification.

  • We have spent years building a North American network of screened SQF consultants, each with many years of experience under their belt.
  • We are a FREE source of valuable information and reports.
  • Using one of our consultants expedites preparation of your SQF system. They will carefully guide your organization through the certification process.
  • Moreover, our consultants will train your people on the implementation and maintenance of your new SQF system.
  • Achieving SQF certification ensures that your business is positioned to take advantage of worldwide opportunities.
  • Being SQF certified also provides “peace of mind.” It helps you avoid costly product recalls and lawsuits.

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