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Internal Auditing Consulting

Internal Audits for HACCP Plans and GFSI Food Safety Programs

All GFSI-benchmarked food safety programs require periodic re-certification audits. Some are pre-announced; others are not. It is wise to have an outside consultant perform internal audits to ensure your food safety program and facilities are ready for an audit by a certifying body or government agency.

Our Food Safety Experts can Help your Business Prepare for Critical Audits

There are several different types of audits. You may want to audit a supplier to ensure their operations satisfy GFSI and government standards. Or you could be preparing for a GFSI re-certification audit. Local and national governmental audits are common too. Perhaps your company hasĀ  discrepancies noted during a recent audit that urgently need to be reconciled.

Key Benefits of our Internal Auditing Services

We can help you clarify your internal audit needs and then arrange for experienced consultant to contact your organization.

Whether it is getting ready for an audit or dealing with the aftermath of an audit, we have the resources you need!

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