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HACCP Plan Consulting and Resolving FDA/USDA Issues

HACCP Plan Consultants throughout North America can Help You Prepare your Plan and Resolve USDA/FDA Issues.

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system that helps ensure the safety of foods. It is used to identify potential problems and implement corrections before they reach consumers. HACCP is mandatory for regulated dairy, seafood and juice products and for meat and poultry products under jurisdiction of the USDA. Food safety HACCP Plans are also usually implemented within manufacturing, distribution, food service and retail facilities. Federal regulations require periodic verifications of HACCP plans. And HACCP provides the foundation for later upgrading to GFSI-approved SQF Certification.

Our Expert Food Safety Consultants will Help your Business Prepare a HACCP Plan

We listen to your concerns and prepare a HACCP Plan and training customized to satisfy your unique needs. With our expertise and seasoned experience, you may rest assured that your food products satisfy FDA requirements and are safe for public consumption. Using a HACCP consultant ensures that your HACCP program is ready for unannounced FDA audits while avoiding costly product recalls.

Let a HACCP Expert Guide You

Our affordable HACCP experts have broad knowledge about food safety regulations and how they are enforced. Moreover, they can provide HACCP training for your people at either your facility or a convenient location.

Key Benefits of our HACCP Service

We help you clarify your HACCP needs and provide an overview of the time and investment to prepare a solid Plan. We can then put you in contact with a local consultant who will guide and expedite your preparation of a HACCP Plan that is fully compliant with FDA and local health department requirements.

  • We are a FREE source of valuable information and reports.
  • We help you clarify your HACCP needs.
  • We can put you in touch with a local consultant who is the best fit for your situation.
  • Our seasoned consultants will also train your personnel on implementation and maintenance of your HACCP Plan.
  • You gain confidence that your business is in full compliance with both federal and local regulations.
  • Using a consultant expedites preparation of a HACCP Plan and allows your business to take advantage of market opportunities sooner.