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Our Consultants will Help You Fast Economical PrimusGFS Certification.

Our Affordable PrimusGFS Consultants in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will Help You Achieve Certification or Prepare for an Audit.

PrimusGFS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked and fully recognized audit scheme covering HACCP, both GAP and GMP scopes, plus food safety management systems (FSMS). It is a private scheme that establishes requirements for the certification of those products of the Agricultural sector designated for human consumption in a fresh or minimally processed fashion.
GFSI’s governing principle is “Once Certified, Accepted Everywhere.”

How our Experienced PrimusGFS Food Safety Consultants will Benefit your Business

We listen to your concerns and prepare food safety programs customized to satisfy your unique needs. With our expertise and seasoned experience, you can rest assured that your food products satisfy USDA/FDA requirements and are safe for public consumption. And our PrimusGFS consultant will also ensure that your program is ready for GFSI or FDA/USDA audits.

Let a PrimusGFS Expert Guide You

Our affordable consultants have broad knowledge about agricultural food safety regulations and how they are enforced. All our experienced consultants also provide training at either your facility or a convenient location.

Moreover, our PrimusGFS food safety consultants provide affordable in-house expertise without having to staff internal resources. They will adapt a proven approach to PrimusGFS certification to satisfy your unique requirements.

We also provide onsite training with minimal disruption of ongoing operations. Our consultants work closely with your personnel to prepare necessary documentation, procedures and quality systems that ensure compliance with PrimusGFS food safety processes and supplier requirements. In the process, we will assist you in streamlining existing procedures to conform to PrimusGFS standard requirements and help you develop required new ones. We even perform internal audits to confirm your readiness for the Certifying Body audits.

Moreover, we will help you to quickly overcome any certifying audit discrepancies and work with you to ensure preparedness for subsequent audits or re-certification audits. Working with a pro also dramatically reduces your odds of suffering a costly product recall. In short, our food safety consultants take the worry out of becoming – and remaining – PrimusGFS certification.

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There are several GFSI food safety certifications for agricultural products.

Key Benefits of our Service

We can help you clarify your PrimusGFS needs and provide an overview of the time and investment to achieve compliance. We can also put you in contact with a PrimusGFS consultant who can guide and expedite your preparation of a PrimusGFS program that is in compliance with USDA/FDA and local health department requirements.

  • We are a FREE source of valuable information and reports.
  • We can help you clarify your food safety needs and options.
  • We can put you in touch with a local consultant who is the best fit for your situation.
  • Using a consultant expedites the preparation of a PrimusGFS program and allows your business to take advantage of market opportunities sooner.
  • Our consultants can also train your people on implementation and maintenance of PrimusGFS.
  • Using a consultant provides confidence that your business is in full compliance with both federal and local regulations.