Use Software to Easily Manage your Food Safety Program

Managing food safety programs requires continuous data collection and monitoring. This information can be collected, recorded and organized using paper records, but most operations quickly discover this approach is too time-consuming. That’s where packaged software solutions come to the rescue.

The USDA, FDA and other food safety agencies today require the ongoing monitoring of critical processes and the ability to quickly respond to product recalls. That’s why going paperless is a “no brainer.”

Which Commercial Software is Best for my Business?

Identifying the best commercial software for your operation can be a daunting task. As food safety has become more regulated, the number of assisting applications has exploded. To narrow down your choices, experts suggest evaluating candidates according to this criteria:

  • Does this application satisfy my needs? Will it allow you to collect and organize the information your organization needs to monitor food safety operations and satisfy regulatory requirements?
  • Does your organization have the resources to use this software? How complex and time-consuming will it be to implement and utilize on a daily basis? Is the software easy to use? Does it easily mesh with your company operations? Is training required to use the application? Will you have to hire additional resources to manage the software?
  • How is the software supported? This is critical. Whatever solution you choose should be backed by a vendor support team that stays abreast of – and quickly implements – regulatory updates. Are software updates automatically implemented? How will the vendor respond to any problems your organization may experience?
  • Can your company afford the software and any ongoing maintenance?

Addressing these criteria upfront will help you in selecting a software solution that best fits your needs and pocketbook.

Internet solutions work best for most organizations. This approach circumvents software maintenance issues. It also allows information collection from anywhere using a variety of hand-held devices (mobile phones, laptops, and tablets).

Food Safety Software Checklist

According to G2, to qualify as a good food safety management package, the software should include these ingredients:

  • Support Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) process management
  • Comply with local and/or global food safety standards and regulations
  • Include a food safety checklist
  • Have audit related capabilities
  • Streamline processes, including manufacturing and production or products, supplier engagement, purchasing of materials, customer complaint management, and safety and risk management.

Finding a Food Safety Software Solution for your Organization

Reviewing the below directories will help you to identify a commercial solution for managing your food safety program:

Simplify Food Safety Compliance with “Off the Shelf” Software

Industry experience endorses the use of commercial software to facilitate food safety. No matter your business size, there is likely an affordable commercial application that can help your operations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. And many of these are cloud-based, require little training and run on mobile devices. Most businesses in the food industry can utilize off-the-shelf software to manage their food safety programs. These packaged solutions provide strong tools to support food safety processes in today’s world.

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